Other mechanisms

Grupos Diferenciales contributes to the development of transmissions for a wide variety of mechanisms and powertrains. Irrigation systems for big crops, heavy duty material handling and cranes as well as alpine ropeways and chairlifts are 3 examples of the diversity of installations that need torque and/or power transfers and, therefore, our product range.
Ropeways and Chairlifts
Manufacturers in this sector need big gear sizes to guarantee the efforts through the catenaries.
Irrigation Pumps
The auxiliary drivelines for big irrigation lines have gears developed to move the installation at low speeds.
Material handling and cranes
We produce gears intended for heavy duty forklift trucks, telescopic handlers and cranes for the manipulation of materials. The design must consider identical operation in both directions being particularly critical the calculation of the front axle due to the distribution of loads it withstands.